Hi, I am Gaurav from Delhi, India. I have complete my graduation from IIT Delhi and Post graduation from Stanford University, USA. I have seen the evolution of Gadgets in India and all over the world from 2007. I have worked with some top brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Sony as a Technical Head and Software analyzer.
I love covering the reviews of the gadgets and Writing about the products.

Best Power Bank under Rs 1,000 – Rs 2,000 in India (2017)

It’s no new news that modern day smartphones aren’t that great when it comes to battery life. They can run out of juice at the most crucial times. This doesn’t wreak havoc when you’re close to a power socket, but can be stressful when on a long trip or away from electricity. Here are the best power banks around Rs 1,000-2,000 for this month to keep your phone charged up and running. We haven’t covered brands like Syksa and Ambrane. Oh,

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Best 1TB Hard Disk in India under Rs 4,500 | 2017

Looking for a decent 1 terabyte hard disk that can handle all your extra data? Great, we’ve compiled the best 1TB hard disks for this month in India. With increasing data and data size, it’s wise to get a hard disk with respectable storage. We suggest 1TB since such huge storage can take care of your storage space needs for a while before you need the next upgrade. As we know that PC’s and smartphones have some storage capacity problems. That’s why

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Best 5.1 Home Theater System under Rs 20,000 in India (2017)

Before Buying Best Home Theater Systems of 2017 Check Combinations Below Our selection caters for your budgets.  If you are a music lover and looking for the best home theater system in India under Rs.20000, here we have picked up top 4 best home theater speakers with a cap limit of Rs.20000. There are some important technical specifications to consider before making your purchase though. Things like frequency response, sensitivity, continuous power handling and impedance are important for pairing other components

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Best front loading washing machines under Rs 20,000 in India

Looking for a new washing machine to take care of your laundry needs? Look no further then since we’ve made a list of the best front loading fully automatic washing machines under Rs 20,000 in India. These washing machines come with advanced features such as in-built water heater, different washing modes, allow soaking of clothes for tough stains, as well as have a memory function that allows them to resume operations in case of a power outage. 1. BPL 6.5

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Top DSLR cameras under Rs 30,000 in India (2017)

At some point, many of us wish we could take a decent quality picture, with the perfect framing and focus. To get started with photography, some of us start clicking photos with phones, and honestly, the rate at which smartphone cameras have improved is quite interesting. DSLR camera is a worthy upgrade over a smartphone and a basic point-and-shoot camera. DSLR camera includes larger image sensors, superior optics, robust manual controls, faster performance, and the versatility of changeable lenses.  Here,

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